Catalog: 2015–2016 Catalog Year

Course Descriptions

Environmental Studies (ENV)

Liberal Arts Division

ENV 100: Humans and Environment

Units (Credits): 3; Prerequisites: MATH 120 or consent of instructor

Provides an interdisciplinary introductory survey of the ecology of natural systems, with emphasis on the relationship of humans to the environment. Includes four laboratory experiences.

ENV 210: Land Use Management

Units (Credits): 3; Prerequisites: None

Concentrates on the planning, implementation, and evaluation of land use covering both non-urban and urban environments. After considering these processes students will examine current policies for developing future sustainable use energy.

ENV 292: Nevada Environmental Problems

Units (Credits): 3; Prerequisites: none

Covers local environmental problems involving their causes, effects, and possible solutions. A variety of sensitive environmental issues including water quality, solid waste disposal, air quality, grazing, and nuclear waste storage will be examined with respect to local geographical, industrial, and political influences.

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