Catalog: 2015–2016 Catalog Year

Course Descriptions

Laboratory Technician (LTE)

Nursing and Allied Health Division

LTE 101: Fundamental Phlebotomy

Units (Credits): 4; Prerequisites: Vaccinations and major health insurance required. See requirements to LTE under the Nursing and Allied Health division.

Designed to teach students the fundamental theories and techniques needed to successfully perform venipunctures safely and efficiently. Student will learn theories in the online portion of the course. Students will apply theory to actual performance of venipunctures in a student laboratory.

LTE 102: Applied Phlebotomy

Units (Credits): 3.5; Prerequisites: LTE 101 With C or better. Vaccinations, major medical insurance and background check required. See Nursing and Allied Health Division student requirements for LTE.

Designed to allow students to apply theory and techniques learned in LTE 101. Students will review venipuncture techniques in the student laboratory setting and apply their knowledge in the clinical setting of outpatient draw centers and a hospital for 100 clock hours.

LTE 110: Techniques of Venipuncture

Units (Credits): 4; Prerequisites: current health information and current major medical health insurance (card required). See Nursing and Allied Health web site for further information.

Provides the student the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the collection, identification, and preservation of specimens as applied to venipuncture techniques. The course includes medical terminology, ethics, fingerstick procedures, and patient contact methods. Emphasizes the role of the venipuncturist in a modern health care delivery system.

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