Catalog: 2015–2016 Catalog Year

Course Descriptions

Political Science (PSC)

Liberal Arts Division

PSC 103: Principles of American Constitutional Government

Units (Credits): 3; Prerequisites: none

Studies constitutions of U.S. and Nevada with specific attention to various principles and current problems of government.

PSC 108: Great Issues of Politics

Units (Credits): 3; Prerequisites: PSC 103, HIST 101 or consent of instructor

Studies political processes and ways in which political decisions are made and implemented.

PSC 208: Survey of State & Local Government

Units (Credits): 3; Prerequisites: none

Surveys the organization, working principles and functional processes of state and local governments in the U.S.

PSC 231: World Politics

Units (Credits): 3; Prerequisites: none

Explores recent and contemporary international relations and the foreign policies, policy making institutions, and the politics of various nations.

PSC 295: Special Topics in Political Science

Units (Credits): 3; Prerequisites: consent of instructor

Explores in detail an issue of current interest. Topics might include: the formulation and implementation of national security policy; the implementation and formation of national, state or local policy; or the structure and function of government agencies. May be repeated for up to six credits.

PSC 299: Government Internship

Units (Credits): 3–6; Prerequisites: PSC 103, HIST 111 and consent of instructor. If more students apply than there are positions available, students must submit resumes and will be selected by a review committee

Provides students the opportunity to be selected to serve in federal, state or local government offices within the WNC service area.

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