Catalog: 2015–2016 Catalog Year

Course Descriptions

Theatre (THTR)

Liberal Arts Division

THTR 100: Introduction to Theater

Units (Credits): 3; Prerequisites: none

Studies plays of the classic and modern periods, of genres such as tragedy, comedy, farce, and melodrama, and of the art and craft of theatre.

THTR 105: Introduction to Acting I

Units (Credits): 3; Prerequisites: none

Examines fundamentals of stage acting with special emphasis on improvisation. Introduces the principles that govern the performing environment. Speech and vocal skills as well as theatrical movement will be stressed. Emphasis is on the preparation aspect of acting rather than on performance.

THTR 108: Introduction to Playwriting

Units (Credits): 3; Prerequisites: none

Offers fundamentals of the craft of writing plays, stressing elements such as plot, character, dialogue, and structure. Emphasis on writing short plays.

THTR 116: Musical Theatre Dance

Units (Credits): 1; Prerequisites: none

Introduces beginning techniques of tap dance.

THTR 121: Makeup for the Actor

Units (Credits): 1–3; Prerequisites: none

Acquaints the student with the beginning principles of makeup and progresses to character makeup.

THTR 123: Creative Drama

Units (Credits): 3; Prerequisites: none

Examines the rules of improvisation in the theatre.

THTR 176: Musical Theatre Workshop I

Units (Credits): 1–8; Prerequisites: none

Features performance of musical theatre productions. May be repeated to a maximum of eight units. Same as MUS 176.

THTR 180: Cinema as Art & Communication

Units (Credits): 3; Prerequisites: none

Surveys cinema in its diverse forms. Course uses films to show historical and stylistic influences on the aesthetic values and social implications of cinema.

THTR 198: Special Topics in Theater

Units (Credits): 1–6; Prerequisites: none

Focuses in depth on a special topic in theater.

THTR 199: Play Structure & Analysis I

Units (Credits): 3; Prerequisites: none

Introduces major figures, events and ideas in theatre and dramatic literature from its origins to the present. Read, analyze and discuss representative plays.

THTR 204: Theatre Technology I

Units (Credits): 3; Prerequisites: none

Introduces the backstage world of the theatre by the study of lighting and sound systems and of technical stage riggings. Students will gain practical experience by serving as the crew for a college theatrical production.

THTR 205: Introduction to Acting II

Units (Credits): 3; Prerequisites: none

Continues acting principles presented in Introduction to Acting I with an emphasis on the classics.

THTR 209: Theatre Practicum

Units (Credits): 2–3; Prerequisites: none

Offers practical experience in stage productions.

THTR 219: Projects in Technical Theater

Units (Credits): 1–3; Prerequisites: none

Offers an in-depth study of some technical aspects of theater. Through practical application, students can explore lighting, set art, set construction, sound, set design or rigging.

THTR 240: Acting for the Camera

Units (Credits): 3; Prerequisites: none

Introduces the concept and practice of performing on camera and working with directors. Studies performance and discussion of scenes from television, film, and commercials. Discusses the business of the entertainment industry.

THTR 247: Beginning Improvisation

Units (Credits): 3; Prerequisites: none

Explores basic theatrical improvisation for general students. Focuses on spontaneity, flexibility, and structure, a variety of theatrical styles and improvisational techniques.

THTR 258: Theatre Experience and Travel

Units (Credits): 1–2; Prerequisites: none

Includes field study in which students travel to an arranged destination for the purpose of play viewing, play study and possible workshop attendance.

THTR 276: Musical Theatre Workshop II

Units (Credits): 3; Prerequisites: MUS 176, THTR 176

Continues skills learned in THTR 176 or MUS 176. Offers a workshop in the techniques of musical theatre. May be repeated to a maximum of nine units. Same as MUS 176.

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