Catalog: 2015–2016 Catalog Year

THTR 105: Introduction to Acting I

General Information

  • Name: Introduction to Acting I
  • Discipline: Theatre (THTR)
  • Units (Credits): 3
  • Transfer Information: Courses with numbers 100 to 299: This course is designed to apply toward a WNC degree and/or transfer to other schools within the Nevada System of Higher Education, depending on the degree chosen and other courses completed. It may transfer to colleges and universities outside Nevada. For information about how this course can transfer and apply to your program of study, please contact a counselor.
  • Academic Division: Liberal Arts
  • Prerequisites: None

Course Outline

I: Catalog Course Description

Examines fundamentals of stage acting with special emphasis on improvisation. Introduces the principles that govern the performing environment. Speech and vocal skills as well as theatrical movement will be stressed. Emphasis is on the preparation aspect of acting rather than on performance.

II: Course Objectives

By the completion of the class, the students should, with 75% accuracy:

  • Describe how to prepare for a stage performance
  • Present a monologue using proper characterization
  • Improvise on a given theme

III: Course Linkage

Linkage of course to educational program mission and at least one educational program outcome.

This course addresses the following Student Learning Objectives in which the successful student will be able to demonstrate that they:

  • Have knowledge of the subject matter to a level that is appropriate for their degree emphasis.
  • Will be able to succeed at their transfer institutions.
  • Possess adequate problem solving, creative reasoning, and critical thinking skills.
  • Understand the importance of cultural traditions, diversity, and ethics in the modern world.
  • Appreciate the significance of the fine arts and performing arts.
  • Are able to develop their personal creative capabilities.
  • Can recognize the unique role of the fine arts and humanities in the development of cultural values.

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