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Associate of Applied Science: 2015–2016 Catalog Year

General Business

Associate of Applied Science

The General Business degree provides knowledge and skills in the field of business. Students are encouraged to meet with a WNC counselor to identify programs which best suit their career goals.

Salary: Depends on size & type of organization.
$37,300–$57,370 / year (Nevada)

Career Outlook: Average growth, strong competition

Good To Know: Often includes hiring, training and supervising employees, although the increased use of computers may require managers to handle professional tasks with fewer employees

Total Requirements: 60 Units (Credits) Online Program

Course Requirements
Core Business Requirements 30 Units (Credits)
ACC 135 Bookkeeping I 3
ACC 201 Financial Accounting 3
or ACC 201* Financial Accounting  
ACC 202* Managerial Accounting  
BUS 101 Introduction to Business 3
BUS 273 Business Law I 3
ECON 102 Principles of Microeconomics 3
ECON 103 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
IS 101 Introduction to Information Systems 3
IS 201 Computer Applications 3
MGT 201 Principles of Management 3
MKT 210 Marketing Principles 3
Choose 15 units from the following: 15 Units (Credits)
Must take at least 3 units in three different subject areas.
ACC 180 Payroll & Employee Benefit Accounting 3
ACC 202 Managerial Accounting 3
ACC 203 Intermediate Accounting I 3
ACC 220 Microcomputer Accounting Systems 3
ECON 261* Principles of Statistics I 3
ECON 262* Principles of Statistics II 3
ENT 200 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship 3
FIN 101 Personal Finance 3
MGT 103 Introduction to Small Business Management 3
MGT 212 Leadership & Human Relations 3
MGT 235 Organizational Behavior 3
MGT 283 Introduction to Human Resources Management 3
MKT 127 Introduction to Retailing 3
MKT 262 Introduction to Advertising 3
General Education Requirements 15 Units (Credits)
English/Communications Requirements
Recommended: BUS 107, BUS 108 OR ENG 101*, ENG 102*; Must include a writing course
Mathematics Requirement 3
Science Requirement 3
U.S. and Nevada Constitution Requirements 3
*Recommended for students who plan to enroll in a bachelor's degree program.
A list of all courses filling general education requirements for the Associate of Applied Science can be found on the Associate of Applied Science page.

This program can be completed entirely online.

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