Associate of Applied Science: 2014–2015 Catalog Year

Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement/Academy

Associate of Applied Science

The Law Enforcement Academy degree is designed to prepare students for various careers within the field of criminal justice. In Nevada, a Category I and III Post Certificate is necessary for most local and state jobs in the criminal justice field. This major, with the Western Nevada State Peace Officer Academy as the emphasis, allows a student to go right into a criminal justice career in Nevada.

Salary: $57,320–$79,380 / year (Nevada)

Career Outlook: Average growth

Good To Know: The increased focus on public safety may lead to new openings. Jobs will be competitive because of low turn over in law enforcement.

Total Requirements: 60 Units (Credits)

Course Requirements
Program Requirements 48 Units (Credits)
CRJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice I 3
CRJ 102 Introduction to Criminal Justice II 3
CRJ 164 Principles of Investigation 3
CRJ 222 Criminal Law and Procedure 3
CRJ 225 Criminal Evidence 3
CRJ 103* Communication Within the Criminal Justice Field 3
* This class must be completed before attending the Western Nevada Peace Officer Academy
CRJ 266* Western Nevada State Peace Officer Academy 27
EMS 113 First Responder 3
* Spring and summer class that will fulfill the POST requirement.
General Education Requirements 12 Units (Credits)
English/Communications Requirement
Recommended: ENG 101
Mathematics Requirement 3
Science Requirement 3
U.S. and Nevada Constitution Requirements 3
NOTE: Documentation and current health insurance (card) required.
A list of all courses filling general education requirements for the Associate of Applied Science can be found on the Associate of Applied Science page.

Note: Documentation and currency of health insurance (card) is required.

Information: 775-445-3000
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