Associate of Applied Science: 2015–2016 Catalog Year

Progression, Transfer, and Readmission Policies

Progression Policy for the Nursing Program

A student will progress in the nursing program when he/she:

  1. Maintains a minimum of a C (not C-) average in all courses that are graded with a letter grade.  A grade of C represents a minimum of a 75% average.
  2. Passes all nursing courses during a designated semester.
  3. Demonstrates satisfactory performance of designated skills.
  4. Earns a letter grade of C or better or a passing grade (S) in all laboratory and clinical courses.
  5. Passes math examinations each semester with a grade of 90% or better.
  6. Is in compliance with college policies, and professional standards of nursing, including the ANA Code of Ethics and the Nevada State Board of Nursing.
  7. Has on file all required immunizations and TB test results, health insurance, acceptable background check information, and required current CPR certification.
  8. Adheres to all policies in the Nursing Program Student Handbook.

Readmission Policy for the Nursing Program

  1. At the conclusion of each semester of study, the Nursing Program Readmission Committee will meet to discuss students who failed or withdrew from courses during the semester.  The committee acknowledges the responsibility to readmit students, who in the judgment of committee satisfy the requirements of scholarship and professional suitability for nursing.  The committee reserves the right to deny readmission based on a history of unprofessional conduct which violates the ANA Code of Ethics.
  2. A student who matriculates into the nursing program may be readmitted one time following a withdrawal/failure. A written request for an exception to the policy for such reasons as medical and military will be considered by Nursing Program Readmission Committee.  Students who are eligible to be considered for readmission into the nursing program will be admitted using a point system and on a space available basis.
  3. Students seeking readmission into the nursing program will be required to demonstrate currency of knowledge and skills by passing competency evaluations for selected nursing theory and nursing laboratory courses previously successfully completed.  Students may choose the option to repeat those courses or will be required to repeat those courses if the competency evaluations are not passed.  A score of 75% or more is required for each theory competency evaluation and a passing grade is required for selected skill evaluations, including basic nursing assessment skills. 
  4. Students must submit a letter to the Director of Nursing & Allied Health informing the director that they wish to challenge courses previously successfully completed.  The letter must be received within two weeks of receiving the acceptance letter for readmission into the Nursing Program.  Upon receipt of the letter, the director will discuss the challenge process in depth with the student/s and will schedule the challenge evaluations. 
  5. Students who withdrew from or who failed a course or courses that are related (e.g. NURS 136, 137 & 138) will be required to repeat all courses in the sequence.  Students electing to challenge courses previously passed will be required to pass all courses that are related.  For example, a student who had passed NURS 136 challenge evaluation but who fails the NURS 137 challenge evaluation will be required to repeat the sequence of courses.
  6. Nursing courses taken more than three years prior to reapplication or prior to transfer application will not be accepted and will need to be repeated.
  7. Students seeking readmission or transfer into the nursing program will be required to submit an acceptable background check.

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