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Bachelor of Technology: 2014–2015 Catalog Year

Construction Management

Bachelor of Technology

The Bachelor of Technology degree in Construction Management provides associate degree students, new students and skilled workers an educational route toward a career as a construction manager or supervisor. The 120-unit program combines knowledge in construction methods, planning and project management with business and supervisory skills. This program allows those who have completed an associate degree in construction technology to progress academically and earn a bachelor's degree. It also allows those already working in the construction field to enroll in an applicable baccalaureate degree program and expand career advancement possibilities. Students must meet with a counselor and be admitted into the program.

Salary: $66,050–$110,910 / year (Nevada)

Career Outlook: Average growth; Changes in building technology and policies may increase the need for construction managers.

Good To Know: Construction managers will often work in a field office, on the construction site of buildings, roads or bridges. 64% are self-employed as general contractors.

Contact: Students must meet with a counselor and be admitted into the Construction Management program prior to enrolling in upper division courses.

Total Requirements: 120 Units (Credits)

Course Requirements
Business and Management Core Requirements 12 Units (Credits)
BUS 101 Introduction to Business  
ACC 201 Financial Accounting 3
Choose 3 units of the following economics courses:
ECON 100 Introduction to Economics 3
ECON 102 Principles of Microeconomics 3
ECON 103 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
Choose 3 units of the following management courses:
MGT 323 Organizational Behavior and Interpersonal Behavior 3
MGT 367 Human Resource Management 3
Program Requirements 58 Units (Credits)
BI 101 Introduction to Building Codes 3
CADD 100 Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting 3
CEE 411 Environmental Law 3
CEE 462 Construction Cost Estimating 3
CEE 463 Project Scheduling 3
CEE 464 Construction Law 2
CEE 465 Construction Cost Accounting 2
CEE 466 Construction Management 2
CEE 495 Special Topics 3
CEM 330 Soils and Foundations for Construction 3
CONS 108 Construction Materials and Methods 3
CONS 114 Soils, Sitework, Concrete and Testing 3
CONS 118 Construction Contract Documents 3
CONS 121 Principles of Construction Estimating 3
CONS 205 Construction Site Safety 2
CONS 216 Structural Layout Assembly 2
CONS 281 Construction Planning Scheduling And Control 3
CONS 351 Advanced Project Supervision 3
CONS 451 Advanced Internship in Construction 3
SUR 161 Elementary Surveying 4
Choose 3 units of the following IT Science/Computer Science courses:
IS 101 Introduction to Information Systems 3
IS 201 Computer Applications 3
Any CIT or CADD course  
General Education Requirements 50 Units (Credits)
Capstone Courses -9 units. Choose from:
English/Communications Requirements - 9 units. Choose from:
Fine Arts Requirement - 3 units. Choose from:
Humanities Requirement - 3 units. Choose from:
Mathematics and Science Requirements - 12 units. Choose from:
a Minimum of 4 units in mathematics and 6 units in science
MATH126 & MATH 127, MATH 128 or higher, STAT 152, CHEM 100, CHEM 121, CHEM201, ENV 100, GEOL 100, GEOL 101, GEOL 103, PHYS 100, PHYS 151, PHYS 180.
Social Sciences Requirement - 3 units. Choose from:
U.S. and Nevada Constitution Requirements - 3 units Choose from:
General Electives - 8 units. Choose from:
AC 198 Special Topics in HVAC 2
CONS 116 Plumbing Principles and Methods 2
CONS 230 Electrical Distribution System 1-6
AIT 155 Applied Industrial Technology Hands On Lab 4
AIT 201 Pneumatic Power Technologies 3
DFT 100 Basic Drafting Principles 3
ENRG 110 Introduction to Alternative Energy 3
A list of all courses filling general education requirements for the Bachelor of Technology can be found on the Bachelor of Technology page.

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