Certification and Licensing Preparation: 2014–2015 Catalog Year

Western Nevada State Peace Officer Academy

Certification and Licensing Preparation

WNC offers a 30-week, 30.5 unit course of study to prepare students for careers in law enforcement. The academy begins each January and meets all Nevada and POST certification requirements.

Early application is encouraged. Please note that there are two prerequisites. Potential students must successfully complete CRJ103 with a grade of B or better and pass the pre-qualifying physical fitness standard at 80% or better.

Graduates will enhance their employability in attaining positions that require Category I and III peace officer certifications for police and sheriffs, investigators, parole and probation officers, bailiffs and jailers.

Course Requirements
Courses  Units (Credits)
CRJ 103 Communication Within the Criminal Justice Field 3
CRJ 266 Western Nevada State Peace Officer Academy 27
EMS 100 Healthcare Provider CPR .5

Note: For information, 445-4408 or www.wnc.edu/post/

Information: 775-445-3000
General Questions: info_desk@wnc.edu