Western Nevada College

American Sign Language

Certificate of Achievement

WNC Academic Division: Career and Technical Education

Total Requirements: 30 Units (Credits)

Course Requirements
Program Requirements 18 Units (Credits)
AM 140 American Sign Language I / II 6
Students can take AM 145 and AM 146 in lieu of AM 140 for slower paced coursework.
AM 141 American Sign Language III / IV 6
Students can take AM 147 and AM 148 in lieu of AM 141 for slower paced coursework.
AM 151 Fingerspelling I 1
AM 152 Fingerspelling II 1
Any other AM course(s) 4
General Education Requirements 12 Units (Credits)
English/Communications Requirements
Must include a writing course
Human Relations Requirement 3
Mathematics Requirement 3
A list of all courses filling general education requirements for the Certificate of Achievement can be found on the Certificate of Achievement page.

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