General Education

General Education

General education provides the opportunity to further many of the institutional student learning outcomes by providing specific objectives that students are expected to demonstrate upon the completion of degrees.

The mission of general education at WNC is to provide students who complete degrees and certificates with critical life skills that will benefit them in their personal and professional endeavors.

  • 1. Demonstrate working knowledge of key concepts, principles, themes, and major content areas needed to explain and solve discipline-specific problems.
  • 2. Present substantially error-free prose suitable in style and content to the purpose of the document and the audience.
  • 3. Present accurate calculations and symbolic operations, and explain how such calculations and operations are used in either the specific field of study or in interpreting information in other fields.
  • 4. Locate, evaluate, and appropriately use information from multiple resources to complete projects, activities, and papers.
  • 5. Describe diverse historical and/or contemporary positions on selected democratic values or practices.
  • 6. Take an active role in a community context (work, service, co-curricular activities, etc.), and examine the civic issues encountered and the insights gained from the community experience.
  • 7. Design an approach or process toward resolving a social, personal or ethical dilemma.
  • 8. Describe approaches from at least two disciplines that identify, define, and address the importance of a significant contemporary or enduring problem.
  • 9. Use critical thinking and creativity to select and apply recognized methods suitable for solving significant contemporary or enduring problems.
  • 10. Draw a conclusion about how to solve a significant contemporary or enduring problem, and present a rational defense of the conclusion.
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