Late-Start Classes

Western Nevada College offers late start classes to accommodate busy schedules, and provide opportunities for anyone who is looking to build a new job skill or enhance their personal interests. Late start classes are short-term courses that are offered at various dates throughout the semester.

The table below displays a list of all Late-Start Classes. Login to your myWNC account to register for classes listed below.

Late Start Credit Classes for Spring 2014

Class NameDescriptionCampusMeeting DatesEnrollment


Continuing Education (non-credit) Classes

Western Nevada College offers several non-credit, continuing education and economic development classes to help community members sharpen career and professional skills, discover a new hobby or simply have some fun.

The table below displays classes that are still available. Check the schedule of classes to sign up.

Class TitleCampusMeeting DatesEnrollment
141023R.I.P.P.E.D.Carson03/03/14 - 03/27/1403/03/14Open
141035Managing Test AnxietyCarson03/05/14 - 03/05/1403/05/14Open
141042Guest Service Gold WorkshopCarson03/07/14 - 03/07/1403/07/14Open
141013Jewelry: Wire Wrapping Power ClassCarson03/08/14 - 03/08/1403/08/14Open
141020Take Ten Years Off Your LookCarson03/08/14 - 03/08/1403/08/14Open
141027Wilderness First Aid BasicsCarson03/08/14 - 03/09/1403/08/14Open
141002Instrument Ground SchoolCarson03/10/14 - 04/02/1403/10/14Open
141041Finance Fundamentals with Emphasis on PlanningCarson03/11/14 - 04/15/1403/11/14Open
143403Driver EducationCarson03/15/14 - 04/05/1403/15/14Open
149801SolidWorks - Level 2Carson03/17/14 - 05/19/1403/17/14Open
141030Chakra, Color and HealingCarson03/22/14 - 03/22/1403/22/14Open
141037Yoga Nidra MeditationCarson03/25/14 - 04/29/1403/25/14Open
141012Women's Self DefenseCarson03/26/14 - 04/23/1403/26/14Open
141055Food and HealthCarson03/26/14 - 05/14/1403/26/14Open
141034Swing Dance BasicsCarson03/27/14 - 05/15/1403/27/14Open
141039Fun with Flowers Design CourseCarson03/29/14 - 04/26/1403/29/14Open
141064Cake Decorating - Basics and BeyondCarson03/29/14 - 05/17/1403/29/14Open
243412Driver Authorization Card Exam Preparation, Spanish LanguageCarson03/29/14 - 03/29/1403/29/14Open
138601Marketing the Farm Experience 101Carson03/29/14 - 03/29/1403/29/14Open
141007Introduction to Western SilversmithingCarson03/31/14 - 05/19/1403/31/14Open
141053Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra BootcampCarson03/31/14 - 05/19/1403/31/14Open
141033Intermediate Country Two StepCarson03/31/14 - 05/19/1403/31/14Open
141044Guest Service Gold WorkshopCarson04/01/14 - 04/01/1404/01/14Open
141075Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra BootcampCarson04/01/14 - 05/20/1404/01/14Open
141024R.I.P.P.E.D.Carson04/03/14 - 04/28/1404/03/14Open
144001Basic Motorcycle Rider CourseCarson04/04/14 - 04/06/1404/04/14Open
141003eBay I - The Basics of SellingCarson04/09/14 - 04/09/1404/09/14Open
141070eBay I and eBay IICarson04/09/14 - 04/10/1404/09/14Open
141004eBay II - Advanced Selling Strategies!Carson04/10/14 - 04/10/1404/10/14Open
141005Website Today, Profit Tomorrow!Carson04/12/14 - 04/12/1404/12/14Open
141040Square Foot GardeningCarson04/12/14 - 05/03/1404/12/14Open
145002Babysitting CertificationCarson04/12/14 - 04/12/1404/12/14Open
141071Alan Abarbanell Interpreter WorkshopCarson04/12/14 - 04/12/1404/12/14Open
144002Advanced Motorcycle Rider CourseCarson04/12/14 - 04/12/1404/12/14Open
144003Experienced Motorcycle Rider CourseCarson04/13/14 - 04/13/1404/13/14Open
143404Driver EducationCarson04/14/14 - 04/17/1404/14/14Open
141066Building Your Financial Portfolio On $25 A MonthCarson04/16/14 - 04/16/1404/16/14Open
144004Basic Motorcycle Rider CourseCarson04/18/14 - 04/20/1404/18/14Open
144005Basic Motorcycle Rider CourseCarson04/25/14 - 04/27/1404/25/14Open
141065Cake Sculpting 101Carson04/26/14 - 05/10/1404/26/14Open
144006Basic Motorcycle Rider CourseCarson05/02/14 - 05/04/1405/02/14Open
144007Advanced Motorcycle Rider CourseCarson05/02/14 - 05/02/1405/02/14Open
144008Advanced Motorcycle Rider CourseCarson05/03/14 - 05/03/1405/03/14Open
141026R.I.P.P.E.D.Carson05/06/14 - 05/29/1405/06/14Open
144009Basic Motorcycle Rider CourseCarson05/09/14 - 05/11/1405/09/14Open
244002Basic Motorcycle Rider CourseCarson05/21/14 - 05/22/1405/21/14Open
244003Basic Motorcycle Rider CourseCarson05/30/14 - 06/01/1405/30/14Open
244004Basic Motorcycle Rider CourseCarson06/06/14 - 06/08/1406/06/14Open
241005Basic Motorcycle Rider CourseCarson06/06/14 - 06/08/1406/06/14Open
244006Basic Motorcycle Rider CourseCarson06/11/14 - 06/12/1406/11/14Open
244007Basic Motorcycle Rider CourseCarson06/13/14 - 06/15/1406/13/14Open
244008Basic Motorcycle Rider CourseCarson06/20/14 - 06/22/1406/20/14Open
244009Advanced Motorcycle Rider CourseCarson06/21/14 - 06/21/1406/21/14Open
244010Experienced Motorcycle Rider CourseCarson06/22/14 - 06/22/1406/22/14Open
244011Basic Motorcycle Rider CourseCarson06/27/14 - 06/29/1406/27/14Open
244012Basic Motorcycle Rider CourseCarson06/27/14 - 06/29/1406/27/14Open
244013Basic Motorcycle Rider CourseCarson07/11/14 - 07/13/1407/11/14Open
244014Basic Motorcycle Rider CourseCarson07/11/14 - 07/13/1407/11/14Open
244015Basic Motorcycle Rider CourseCarson07/18/14 - 07/20/1407/18/14Open
143410Driver EducationDouglas04/21/14 - 04/24/1404/21/14Open
148605Agricultural Business Plan Development WorkshopFallon03/22/14 - 03/22/1403/22/14Open
142210Pre-Algebra BootcampFallon03/25/14 - 05/08/1403/25/14Open
143408Driver EducationFallon03/31/14 - 04/03/1403/31/14Open
146204Kids Arts and CraftsFallon04/07/14 - 05/12/1404/07/14Open
142201Square Foot GardeningFallon04/12/14 - 05/03/1404/12/14Open
146203Babysitting Certification - FallonFallon04/26/14 - 04/26/1404/26/14Open
142205Wilderness First Aid BasicsFallon05/30/14 - 05/31/1405/30/14Open

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