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Bookkeeper Certification

Certification and Licensing Preparation

Certified Bookkeepers Course (ACC290, six units) is for working professionals and students who wish to advance their career in the bookkeeping profession. Upon successful completion, students will be able to sit for a nationally administered exam given by the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers. Once a student passes this exam and obtains two years of bookkeeping experience, individuals earn the right to call themselves "Certified Bookkeepers." To maintain certification, individuals are required to obtain 60 hours of continuing education over a three-year period.

Salary: $27,770–$43,630 / year (Nevada)

Career Outlook: Average growth

Good To Know: The majority of new jobs will be created in small, rapidly growing organizations. Many opportunitied for part-time and temporary work.

WNC Academic Division: Career and Technical Education

Total Requirements: 6 Units (Credits)

Course Requirements
Total Requirements 6 Units (Credits)
ACC 290 Certified Bookkeeper Course 6

Note: WNC does not issue a certificate of completion for this course.

Mission and Outcomes

Mission: The purpose of the Bookkeeper Certification Program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills in the bookkeeping field and to prepare students to take the Certified Bookkeeper Examination.

Student Learning Outcomes: At completion of this program, students will have mastered the following areas:

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