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Certified Inspector of Structures

Certification and Licensing Preparation

These licensing programs fulfill the minimum course requirements needed for licensure as a certified inspector of structures-residential.
Upon successful course completion, with a grade of C or better, WNC will issue a certificate of completion for the course(s) of study.

WNC Academic Division: Career and Technical Education

Total Requirements: 10 Units (Credits)

Course Requirements
License Requirements 10 Units (Credits)
CONS 260 Certified Inspectors of Structures-Residential 3
CONS 261 Under-Floor Inspections-Certified Inspector 1
CONS 262 Above-Floor Inspections for Certified Inspector 2
CONS 263 Supervised Residential Inspections for Certification 4

Mission and Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes: Expectations for students completing the Certified Inspector of Structures curriculum are as follows:

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