CTE College Credit
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1: Can I earn college credit while in high school?

You can by taking Tech Prep coursework in high school. Tech Prep courses are taught at your high school by Career and Technical Education teachers who follow curriculum agreed to by both high schools and college faculty. Please view Tech Prep High Schools to see course options available to you.

2: What is Career and Technical Education at WNC?

Career and Technical Education provides a wide range of programs designed to get students into the work force immediately upon completion. The programs are designed to give students hands-on and academic experience, which translates into real-world skills. Click the link for a list of Career Clusters that include WNC degree programs leading to a Certificate of Achievement, Associate of Applied Science, or Bachelor of Technology degree.

3: What is my cost to take Tech Prep classes?

They are free! You can save time and money by enrolling in Tech Prep classes. Many Tech Prep courses offered to you earn three college credits. Please view the link for the current WNC Fee Schedule as costs of tuition continues to rise.

4: What are my career options upon graduation?

Fifty years ago, 60% of the available jobs required unskilled workers. Today the exact opposite is true. 65% of all jobs now require skilled workers. WNC offers CTE degree and/or certification programs that will develop your skills. The statistics are in your favor. See Nevada's Top 100 Demand Occupations.

5: Can I go on to earn my Bachelors Degree?

Tech Prep courses count as electives for high school graduation as well as for college credits. Most of the courses are designed to provide hands on training that prepare you to go directly into the work force after completing a two-year AAS degree or one-year certificate. Some of the courses can serve as college elective credit, but it is recommended that you meet with a WNC counselor to answer specific degree and transferability questions regarding your Tech Prep credit. WNC also offers a Bachelor of Technology degree in Construction Management,

6: How do I get started?

To earn Tech Prep credits a student must: Be a high school junior or senior, be enrolled in an articulated Tech Prep course, earn a grade of a "B" or better in each articulated Tech Prep course, and submit a WNC Application for Admission.

1. Enroll in a Tech Prep high school course - see list of Tech Prep High Schools

2. Submit a WNC Application for Admission - contact the Tech Prep Outreach Specialist

Information: 775-445-3000
General Questions: info_desk@wnc.edu