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Student athletes at WNC will be advised by the Director of Counseling, Deb Case (775-445-3270). Please contact Deb who will determine whether or not you will need to take placement tests for WNC. In some cases, ACT or SAT scores and/or high school math courses may exempt you from testing. If you are a transfer student, having completed some college at another school, your coursework from there may also exempt you from WNC's placement testing.

If it is determined that you need to take WNC's placement testing and you are not able to come to the Carson, Douglas or Fallon campus to do your testing, then you may be able to do your testing at a local college. Contact that college's testing center to verify their willingness to proctor WNC's online Accuplacer testing for you. Once you have the name and phone number of a proctor, let Deb know so that she may contact the proctor with the appropriate test, ID and password. Once you have completed your online testing, have the proctor fax the results to Deb at 775-445-3149.

Note: For students in the Las Vegas area, Soon Holl (702-651-7345) located at the West Charleston campus of CCSN will be the proctor for WNC's placement testing. CCSN charges a $30 testing fee and Soon suggests testing in the morning.

Please take your placement testing seriously. If you need to brush up on English, reading or math skills, do so before you do your placement testing. Your placement test scores help determine where you will need to start with classes at WNC. If you do not qualify for college level coursework, the developmental level courses (below the 100 level) you will need to take as prerequisites for the college level courses will not count toward your degree. Consequently, you may want to begin those in the summer.

Here's a link to information on WNC's placement testing:

For additional help, please call WNC's Counseling Services at 775-445-3267.

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