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2014-2015 Student Government Election Results

During mid-terms week, ASWN held elections for the academic year of 2014-2015. This was our first truly contested presidential race in 7 years. We set a WNC record with 296 students casting their vote for student government officials! Our results are as follows:

President (6 abstentions)

  • Angelo DePerez (Winner) - 166 votes
  • Vanessa Cross - 124 votes

Uncontested Officers

  • Tim Hoover, Vice President - 271 votes, 25 abstentions
  • Jennifer Wesling, Secretary - 271 votes, 25 abstentions
  • Treasurer - Open Position*

Uncontested Senators (33 abstentions)

  • Brooklyn Maw - 198 votes
  • Rielly Rose - 189 votes
  • Joeviena San - 162
  • Charles Nimsic - 183
  • 3 Open Positions*

*Open Positions:
We had several students express interest in filling these positions. Hopefully have a full board/senate in place by summer training which will start in late July.

Even though these candidates have been elected, they will not by sworn in until May 13th. As is customary, they will go through transition training with the current ASWN board members starting now through June 1st. Please congratulate them on a job well done for making it this far and stepping up as leaders for the students, the college and community.

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