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2016-2017 Catalog Year
Bachelor of Applied Science

The Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Construction Management offers students advanced technical and occupational skills in a formal educational route that will help them progress to supervisory positions within their field. It provides an opportunity for those who have completed an associate degree in an applied technology field to progress academically and earn a bachelor’s degree. It also provides an avenue for those already working in a technical field to enroll in an applicable baccalaureate degree program that will enhance their core and business management skills and offer career advancement opportunities.

To learn more about the Bachelor of Applied Science degree program, please see a WNC counselor.

Courses with a number under 100 (such as ENG095) are not applicable toward a Bachelor of Applied Science degree at WNC.


The mission of the Bachelor of Technology degree in Construction Management is to prepare students for entry level and mid-level positions within the various construction industry disciplines, and to meet the goals of the Technology Division.

Student Outcomes:

Upon completing the Bachelor of Technology in Construction Management program, students will be able to demonstrate:

  • Knowledge in basic economic principles, business principles and construction accounting, finances, and law
  • Exposure to the design theory and analysis of construction practices and systems
  • Understanding of the utilization of available resources for construction planning, methods and materials
  • Understanding, skill and knowledge of construction documents, communications, graphics and surveying
  • Skill and knowledge in construction accounting, estimating and bidding practices
  • Ability in planning and scheduling a construction project
  • Application of relevant administrative skills, ethics, safety practices, and problem solving techniques to construction management

A minimum of 120 total credits chosen from the following categories:

Capstone: 9 Units (Credits)

  • Communication: 412
  • Construction Management: 456
  • Management: 462, 469

English/Communications Requirement: 9 Units (Credits)

Fine Arts Requirement: 3 Units (Credits)

Humanities Requirement: 3 Units (Credits)

Mathematics and Science Requirement: 12 Units (Credits)

A minimum of 4 units in mathematics and 6 units in science.



* or higher

Social Sciences Requirement: 3 Units (Credits)

U.S. and Nevada Constitution Requirements: 3 Units (Credits)

Must meet both requirements.

General Electives: 6 Units (credits)