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WNC Foundation

Western Nevada College has been deeply enriched by the generosity of many benefactors - people who have given time, talent and money. These investments have helped build a top quality college that is making positive differences in students' lives. In doing so, communities are enriched as qualified individuals take their place in the workforce as engaged citizens.

The Western Nevada College Foundation, founded in 1992, assists in these efforts by raising funds in support of the college through employee giving, special events and campaigns, and individual, corporate, and private foundation solicitations.

Always Lost: A Meditation on War

What began as a creative writing class project at our small college in 2008 has captured the hearts of people across the nation. Since 2010, Always Lost has brought its message of awareness and unity to 30 communities across the U.S. and to date, 15 additional venues are scheduled through mid-2016 from San Antonio to Kalamazoo.

The Wall of the Dead, which depicts the photographs and names of U.S military service members who perished in Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11, has grown from 4,000 casualties when the exhibition debuted in 2009 to nearly 7,000 today. A viewer reflected, "A number of deaths is one thing; seeing all the faces look back at me is another."

Your generosity has helped keep Always Lost on the road, add casualties to the Wall of the Dead so no one is left behind, and manage demand for the exhibition from around the country. Would you consider a one-time donation or a monthly gift in any amount to help sustain this life-changing exhibition?

Your Continued Support Provides:

  • $120, or $10 per month, can fund 10 hours of research or 8 hours of graphic design for the Wall of the Dead.
  • $240, or $20 per month, can cover printing and framing for a panel of 192 casualties on the Wall of the Dead.
  • $520, or 45 a month, can pay for 25 hours of managing both traveling copies of the exhibition.
  • $1,020, or $85 per month, can purchase one set of commercial shipping cartons with foam lining.
  • $10,000 can sustain the Always Lost project for approximately 6 months.

Western Nevada College Foundation is committed to raising $10,000 over the next two weeks while the exhibit is in the Nevada Legislative building. Contact the Foundation at 775-445-3240 for more information or set up a monthly payment plan.

You can be the Difference

No gift is too small to help keep WNC on the road to excellence. Private giving enhances Legislative funding to meet the special needs of the college and its students. You can participate with a general gift or donation designated for needs such as scholarships, an individual faculty project or college program, or support for our quality of life programs such as the observatory, athletics or musical theater. If you would like to speak to a WNC Foundation representative about giving options, please call 775-445-3240.

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