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WNC Foundation

Foundation Board

"People give to success and WNC is highly successful at helping area residents. The college gives people the tools they need to improve their lives."

Katie Leao
WNC Director of Development

Foundation Administration

  • Carol A. Lucey, Ph.D. College President
  • Katie Leao, Director of Development
  • Linda Ranieri, Administrative Assistant
  • Nikki Peterson, Scholarship Coordinator

Foundation Officers

  • Jed Block, Chair
  • Sean Davison, Chair-Elect
  • Donal Hummer, Jr., Immediate Past Chair

Foundation Board of Trustees

  • Shelly Aldean
  • Michael Bennett
  • Mike Berney
  • Michelle Bertocchi
  • Gayle Block
  • Jeff Brigger
  • Jacqueline Bryant
  • Greg Davis
  • Pat Fisler
  • Niki Gladys
  • Lillian Hack
  • Kathy Halbardier
  • Harold Jacobsen
  • Kelly Kite
  • Steve Lewis
  • Joe Lushina
  • Tom Metcalf
  • Roger Moellendorf
  • Pam Powell
  • Dorothy Ramsdell
  • Roger Williams
  • Sally Zola

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