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The following grading policies apply to WNC:

"A" Superior - 4.0
"A-" - 3.7
"B+" - 3.3
"B" Above Average - 3.0
"B-" - 2.7
"C+" - 2.3
"C" Average - 2.0
"C-" - 1.7
"D+" - 1.3
"D" Below Average - 1.0
"D-" - 0.7
"F" Failure - 0.0
"P" Pass
"I" Incomplete
"R" Repeat
"AD" Audit
"W" Withdrawal

  1. It is at the discretion of individual faculty to use the "Plus" and "Minus" grading scale.

  2. All grades are awarded according to faculty members' judgments. Students may repeat failed courses.

  3. Withdrawal indicates the student withdrew from the course and did not complete it.

  4. The course syllabus shall contain a clear explanation of the grading scale to be used by the instructor. Students may not appeal the format an instructor chooses.

  5. "I" Grade: An Incomplete grade may be given by the instructor when a student has completed 75 percent of the course with a grade of at least "C," but where there is some verifiable compelling reason for the lack of completion. College regulations limit the amount of time the student has to make up assignments or examinations. The "I" (Incomplete) must be made up within 120 days of the end of the semester. Failure to do so will result in the "I" grade being changed to a "F." A student wishing to complete the work for a course in which he/she received an Incomplete must make arrangements with the instructor who issued the incomplete grade. A grade change from the instructor is due to Admissions and Records within 120 days of the end of the applicable semester.

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