Institutional Research and Effectiveness: Program Review & Assessment

Program Review: Administrative

Institutional Research and Effectiveness works with the other members of the Program Assessment and Review Committee (PARC) to oversee and coordinate program reviews conducted by faculty and staff of all administrative programs, as determined by the Administrative Program Review schedule.

Administrative Program Reviews

Administrative Program Due Spring: Responsible Person Responsible Supervisor
Academic Skills Center 2014 Josh Fleming / Ron Belbin
Liberal Arts Director/ No one
Counseling 2014 Deb Case Dean-Student Services
Disability Support Services 2014 Susan Trist Dean-Student Services
Public Safety 2014 Jack Piirainen VP ALS/GC
Adult Literacy & Language/ESL/GED 2015 Angela Andrade Dean-Student Services
Athletic Programs 2015 Coaches Dean-Student Services
Financial Assistance 2015 J.W. Lazzari Dean-Student Services
Student Life & ASWN 2015 Lilly Leon-Vicks Dean-Student Services
Admissions & Records 2016 Diane Hilliard Dean-Student Services
Development (Foundation) 2016 Katie Leao President
Economic Development & Continuing Education 2016 David Steiger VP ASA
Distance Education 2016 Vacant VP ASA
Environmental Health & Safety 2017 Brian Crowe VP ALS/GC
Facilities Management & Planning 2017 Dave Rollings VP ALS/GC
Information & Marketing 2017 Anne Hansen VP ALS/GC
Tech Prep/Perkins 2017 Kevin Edwards Dean-Student Services
Budget Office 2018 Darla Dodge President
Business Office 2018 Coral Lopez President
Computing Services / Application Support & Development 2018 Susan Schoeffler VP ALS/GC
Human Resources 2018 Irene Tucker VP ALS/GC
Institutional Research and Effectiveness 2018 Cathy Fulkerson President
Library & Media Services 2018 Ken Sullivan VP ASA
Child Development Center 2019 Andrea Doran President
Other Auxiliary Services:      
     Sedway Cafe      
     Vending Services      



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