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Directory List
Arteaga, Sergio
Title Douglas Manager
Department Douglas Campus
E-Mail Sergio.Arteaga@wnc.edu
Phone 775-782-2413 ext.
Fax 775-782-2415
Campus Douglas
Bodily, Heather
Title Tutor
Department Disabled Student Services
Campus Douglas
Johnston, Jeffrey
Title Part Time Instructor
Department Biology
E-Mail Jeffrey.Johnston@wnc.edu
Campus Douglas
King, Brenna
Title Tutor
Department Academic Skills Center
Campus Douglas
McCully, Chad
Title Community College Professor
Department English
E-Mail Chad.McCully@wnc.edu
Phone 775-782-2413 ext. 5230
Office Douglas > Bently Hall 109
Nelson, Jameson
Title Administrative Aid
Department Administrative & Legal Srvs
E-Mail jameson.nelson@wnc.edu
Campus Douglas
Olivero, Thomas
Title Driver Educ Lecture Instructor
Department Community Srvs/continuing Ed
Campus Douglas
Ruiz, Rhonda
Title Part Time Instructor
Department Mathematics
E-Mail Rhonda.Ruiz@wnc.edu
Campus Douglas
Shedd, Janice
Title Part Time Instructor
Department Art
E-Mail Janice.Shedd@wnc.edu
Campus Douglas
Strange, Jim
Title Community College Professor
Department Mathematics
E-Mail Jim.Strange@wnc.edu
Phone 775-782-2413 ext. 5232
Office Douglas > Bently Hall 111
Stulac, Bob
Title Part Time Instructor
Department Environmental Science
E-Mail Robert.Stulac@wnc.edu
Campus Douglas
Tattersall, Elizabeth
Title Instructor Tattersall, Elizabeth
Discipline Biological Science
E-Mail Elizabeth.Tattersall@wnc.edu
Phone 775-782-2413 ext. 5228
Office Douglas > Bently Hall 102

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