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Policy 11-3-15: Tobacco Smoking

WNC Policy 11-3-15
Procedure: Tobacco Smoking
Policy No.: 11-3-15
Department: Environmental Health & Safety

Nevada Revised Statute 202.2491 prohibits the smoking of tobacco in any public building, except within a separate designated room

  • Section 1: Definition
    • A. The term "building" means any building owned or occupied for regularly scheduled classes by the Nevada System of Higher Education.
  • Section 2: Regulations
    • A. The person in control of a public building is required to designate a separate room or area in which smoking is permitted and is further required to post area signs in the building where smoking is prohibited.
    • B. The general counsel interprets this statute as permitting a person in control of a public building to designate only one room or area in a public building for smoking.
    • C. Nevada Revised Statute 202.2492 provides that any person who violates NRS 202.2491 should be fined.
    • D. The posting of area signs prohibiting smoking and the designation of a separate room or area in a public building for smoking, done pursuant to this law, constitutes an order to employees not to smoke tobacco in a public building except in such a designated room or area.
    • E. Violation of such an order would constitute insubordination, which conduct would authorize disciplinary action to be taken against classified employees under Nevada Administrative Code, Section 284.650(6) and against professional employees under Section 6.2.1(d) of the NSHE Code. Section 6.2.2 (m) of the NSHE Code also authorizes disciplinary action against professional employees who violate state law on System premises.
    • F. The state law is to be fully enforced within the Nevada System of Higher Education.
    • G. It is expected that no System employee would face any employment retaliation for complaining about smoking in prohibited areas or for taking action to enforce the state law.
  • Section 3: Requests
    • A. It is also requested that persons in charge of the public buildings of the NSHE post or be directed to post area signs prohibiting smoking and to designate a smoking room or area.
Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted Dates Revised September 2, 2008; May 11, 2004
NSHE and NRS Codes
NSHE Code Reference NSHE Board of Regents Handbook
NAC Code NAC 284.650
NRS Code NRS 202.2491, NRS 202.2492
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Date Printed: September 4, 2015