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Policy 3-2-10: WNC Textbook Policy

WNC Policy 3-2-10
Procedure: WNC Textbook Policy
Policy No.: 3-2-10
Department: Academic & Student Affairs
Contact: Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs

According to the NSHE Board of Regents' Code Title 4, Chapter 14, Section 26, "each NSHE institution shall develop an approved statement of professional and ethical guidelines relative to the selection of textbooks or other instructional materials. Such guidelines shall address relationships with publishers or other providers, selection of one’s authored text for instructional use, and shall address the desirability of minimizing costs to students when this can be accomplished without compromising academic standards and academic freedom."

  • Section 1: Textbook Selection
    • A. Each full-time faculty member will select the title and number of required textbooks and supplements used in each of his/her course offerings within the time frame and procedures established by his/her department.
      • 1. Each department/discipline will have the option of determining the titles and number of required and supplementary textbooks for adjuncts, last-minute faculty hires, and for faculty who have not submitted an adoption by the deadline.
      • 2. Decisions related to standardization will be made at the department/discipline level with respect paid to faculty rights under academic freedom.
      • 3. If a department/discipline committee is designated to select standard textbooks and/or supplements faculty members who are authors of materials being considered or who are related to an author as defined by the WNC nepotism policy may not serve on the committee.
  • Section 2: Disputes
    • A. Any dispute between a faculty member and the department head over textbook adoption will be resolved by the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs.
  • Section 3: Procedure
    • A. Instructors
      • 1. Will select textbooks that are appropriate for the course of record.
      • 2. Instructors should:
        • a. Take student cost into consideration when selecting from among different textbook/supplement options.
        • b. Make an effort to use the same textbook/supplements for at least two years.
        • c. Consider using the approved learning management system to deliver material electronically in compliance with fair use and copyright laws.
        • d. Coordinate selections with the bookstore to ensure availability and options such as rental texts.
    • B. Departments
      • 1. Should attempt to provide copies of faculty textbooks/supplements to the campus library where each class is taught to be placed on reserve for student use.
      • 2. Should attempt to provide copies of Distance Education faculty textbooks/supplements to the campus library to be placed on reserve for student use.
Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted February 11, 2014 Dates Revised
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Date Printed: October 25, 2014