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Policy 4-5-2-3: Administrative Faculty Merit Policy

WNC Policy 4-5-2-3
Procedure: Administrative Faculty Merit Policy
Policy No.: 4-5-2-3
Department: Human Resources
Contact: Vice President of Human Resources and General Counsel

This policy applies to all administrative faculty, except the President, as defined by the Board of Regents Handbook, Chapter 3, Section 2, D, Title 4.

  • Section 1: Policy
    • A. Administrative faculty merit is determined through the following process:
      • 1. The vice president of finance and administration calculates the merit pool based on 2.5% of the total salaries, excluding vice presidents, deans, self-supported salaries, grant salaries, and salaries at the top of the salary schedule.
      • 2. Initial administrative faculty evaluations are performed by supervisors and submitted to the appropriate vice president or the president. The vice president reviews the evaluations and makes recommended changes and forwards them to the president for review and approval. The president meets with all vice presidents together to discuss and approve evaluations.
      • 3. The president, in consultation with direct reports, determines if any equity adjustments are in order and if so, the amounts. Equity adjustment amounts are deducted from the merit pool prior to awarding merit. The merit net of equity is divided by the total merit to get a funding percentage which is applied to all merit awards.
      • 4. The president, in consultation with direct reports, and after review of evaluation documents, places administrative faculty in one of the following four groups: Excellent, Commendable, Satisfactory, or Unsatisfactory.
      • 5. In order to be considered for merit, an employee must be employed in a WNC administrative position for a minimum of six months during the evaluation period. (Example: Employee must be hired on or before July 1 during the January through December evaluation period to be eligible for merit effective the following July.) This applies to administrative faculty hired on or after 1/1/06.
Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted May 17, 2005 Dates Revised September 2, 2008; October 5, 2006
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Date Printed: October 21, 2014