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Policy 4-5-3-4: Academic Merit Guidelines for Faculty Who Have Reached Step 30

WNC Policy 4-5-3-4
Procedure: Academic Merit Guidelines for Faculty Who Have Reached Step 30
Policy No.: 4-5-3-4
Department: Human Resources
Contact: Vice President of Human Resources and General Counsel

Under certain conditions academic merit can be granted for faculty who have reached step 30 on the salary schedule.

  • Section 1: Guidelines
    • A. Faculty do not have to apply to be considered for merit.
    • B. The committee will have access to the faculty self evaluations, PEG reports, student evaluations, and any other additional materials that the faculty member may submit for consideration and review. Interviews may be requested.
    • C. The committee will assign one rating for Primary Duties, consistent with assignments for Instructors, Librarians, and Counselors. An additional rating will be given for all types of service, consistent with the NSHE Code. Primary Duties will be given an approximate 75% weighting.
    • D. The ratings of "Satisfactory," "Commendable," and "Excellent" may be assigned to each of the two above categories.
    • E. A value of "X" will be assigned for "Satisfactory."
      A value of "XX" will be assigned for "Commendable."
      A value of "XXX" will be assigned for "Excellent."
    • F. The committee will reserve up to, but not exceeding, a total of 10 "Xs" that may be assigned to one or more faculty members for "over the top performance."
    • G. With the understanding that all money awarded to Step 30 faculty will be used to award merit to this group, the value of "X" will be determined by the total amount in the merit pool divided by the number of "Xs" awarded.
    • H. Recognizing that all recommendations will be forwarded for presidential approval, the committee will consider the recommendations to be its final report.
    • I. At the conclusion of the committee's recommendations, each faculty member will receive written notice from the President.
Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted November 14, 2003 Dates Revised September 2, 2008; May 11, 2004
NSHE and NRS Codes
NSHE Code Reference NSHE Board of Regents Handbook
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Date Printed: November 22, 2014