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Policy 5-1-3: Interlibrary Loan

WNC Policy 5-1-3
Procedure: Interlibrary Loan
Policy No.: 5-1-3
Department: Library
Contact: Director

Parameters and eligibility for borrowing materials from other libraries.

  • Section 1: Borrowing Materials
    • A. In requesting materials from Interlibrary Loan, please note:
      • 1. Interlibrary Loan is a service provided only to WNC students, staff, and faculty.
      • 2. Patrons must have a current library card to request materials on ILL.
      • 3. WNC will not borrow materials that are already in our collection.
      • 4. WNC will not borrow materials from local libraries.
      • 5. Materials borrowed through WNC must be returned to WNC.
      • 6. Materials borrowed on ILL will not be placed on reserve.
      • 7. Materials may be renewed at the discretion of the lending library.
    • B. Students and part-time faculty may borrow materials located within the state; full-time faculty and staff may also borrow materials from out-of-state, with all costs being borne by the borrower.
    • C. Students may borrow up to three (3) items at a time. Library & Media Services will not place InterLibrary Loan (ILL) requests for students during semester breaks.
    • D. Part-time faculty may borrow up to three (3) items per request and may borrow additional material as soon as the current loans are returned.
    • E. Library and Media Services does not limit borrowing for full-time faculty and staff. However, if there are a large number of items to be located and/or borrowed, please contact a staff member before submitting a request.
  • Section 2: Lending Materials
    • A. Any Nevada Library may borrow circulating WNC books for their library card holders (students, faculty, and patrons).
    • B. Libraries in the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) may borrow circulating WNC video and audio items for their faculty.
    • C. Video and audio items will not be loaned to public libraries.
Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted May 11, 2004 Dates Revised December 9, 2008; September 2, 2008
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Date Printed: November 1, 2014