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Policy 5-3-1: WNC Video Conferencing Facility Usage

WNC Policy 5-3-1
Procedure: WNC Video Conferencing Facility Usage
Policy No.: 5-3-1
Department: Library
Contact: Director

Western Nevada College has installed a video conferencing system between its facilities in Carson City, Fallon, Fernley, Hawthorne, Lovelock, Minden, Schurz, Smith Valley, and Yerington, Nevada. That system was installed primarily to serve the academic needs of WNC. It also helps to reduce in-state travel costs.

  • Section 1: Intent of Policy
    • A. This policy statement is intended to describe the circumstances and conditions under which the WNC facilities will be made available to persons other than WNC staff.
    • B. The facilities in question include the WNC interactive video rooms at the Carson City campus, the Douglas campus, at the Fallon campus, and at the Fernley, Hawthorne, Lovelock, Schurz, Smith Valley, and Yerington centers where they are located at high school and community centers.
    • C. Scheduling must be arranged by contacting WNC Distance Education Program personnel who are assigned this responsibility.
  • Section 2: Priorities
    • A. Regularly scheduled academic classes have the highest level of priority.
    • B. The Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) and the Chancellor's Office have priority over all other users of the facilities.
    • C. Next in line is System Computing Services (SCS) staff who may also preempt already scheduled use of the facilities by groups lower in priority order. It should be noted that SCS staff will not normally preempt such meetings unless timely use of the facilities is extremely important for the mission of SCS.
    • D. Following SCS, all other NSHE personnel which includes WNC staff have priority, and, like the priorities already mentioned, preempt use by groups lower in the priority order. However, among NSHE personnel, the facilities will be scheduled on a first come-first served basis.
    • E. Finally, the use of the facilities will be available to state and local government and selected non-profit organizations on a space and time available basis. Again, such entities will compete with one another on a first-come first-served basis for use of the facilities.
  • Section 3: Scheduling
    • A. The video rooms at the Carson City campus, the Douglas campus, the Fallon campus, and the rural centers are "secure" facilities due to the large amount of expensive equipment which they house.
      • 1. Normally, the facilities are available only between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
      • 2. Any qualified group may schedule the facilities during that time with the understanding that higher-priority use of the facilities may preempt them even after scheduling.
    • B. Use by non-NSHE affiliates will require the presence of a WNC staff member to provide access to facilities and the operation the equipment. Such may be the case for some NSHE groups until trained.
    • C. Scheduling is to be done through the Distance Education Program office.
  • Section 4: Cost
    • A. WNC will not charge NSHE institutions for official use of the WNC facilities during normal working days/hours even though there is some cost associated with the operation of the facilities.
    • B. Price per hour for use of the facilities by all other entities may be $50.00 per hour, per participating WNC site.
      • 1. Any conferences scheduled outside of a normal 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, schedule are subject to a two-hour minimum.
      • 2. Included in the price are personnel time, equipment maintenance (in Carson City, Fallon, Fernley, Hawthorne, Lovelock, Minden, Schurz, Smith Valley, and Yerington, Nevada), and network costs to connect the participating cities.
      • 3. In the event a "fee for use" meeting is completed prior to its scheduled completion time, the cost for the full scheduled time will be billed.
      • 4. In the event such a meeting runs over its allotted time, the hourly cost, and any portion, will be billed, assuming the equipment is not otherwise committed and the extended use can be supported.
      • 5. All "fee for use" cancellations must be done 24 hours prior to the scheduled meeting time to avoid billing.
    • C. All other sites throughout the NSHE must be scheduled directly with the appropriate campus scheduler and will be billed directly by those campuses at their costs.
Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted Dates Revised September 2, 2008; May 11, 2004; April 29, 2004
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