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Policy 7-6-2: Distribution of Payroll Checks

WNC Policy 7-6-2
Procedure: Distribution of Payroll Checks
Policy No.: 7-6-2
Department: Controller's Office
Contact: Controller

It is the policy of WNC to distribute payroll checks in a specific manner, as described herein.

  • Section 1: Definitions
    • A. Existing Employees: Those employed at WNC prior to the effective date of this policy (date approved).
    • B. New Employees: Those employed at WNC after the effective date of this policy (date approved).
    • C. Pick Up: Carson City Campus employees and students who opt for payroll check pick up in person.
    • D. U.S. Mail Distribution: Employees designating mail distribution of payroll checks will receive their checks via the U.S. Mail.
    • E. Direct Deposit: Employees who authorize the Business Office to deposit payroll checks directly into their banks.
    • F. Employee Classifications:
      • 1. Professional: all academic faculty and all administrative faculty
      • 2. Classified: all employees within the State Classification System.
  • Section 2: Manner of Distribution
    • A. Payroll checks shall be distributed in the following manner:
      • 1. Existing employees shall receive their payroll checks in the same manner as prior to the adoption of the policy. The only exception is that pick ups must be made within the designated time period.
      • 2. New Employees. New employees at the Carson City Campus shall have the following options according to their employee classification:
        • a. Professional Employees -- Direct deposit or U.S. Mail
        • b. Classified Employees -- Direct deposit, U.S. Mail, or Pick Up
        • c. Students -- Direct deposit, U.S. Mail, or Pick Up
        • d. All other employees -- Direct deposit or U.S. Mail
      • 3. Fallon Campus, Douglas Campus and Others: All employees and students assigned to the Fallon Campus, the Douglas Campus and other locations outside Carson City, shall receive their paychecks via the U.S. Mail or direct deposit.
    • B. Pick Up
      • 1. Day and Hours. Those opting for pick up will be able to receive their checks at the WNC Carson City Campus Business Office during normal business hours within two working days (including the payday). Any and all payroll checks not picked up during normal business hours within two working days will be placed in the U.S. Mail.
      • 2. Verification. Payroll checks will only be distributed to those individuals to whom the check is written. Employees and students picking up their checks shall be required to sign for the checks. A photo I.D. may be required.
    • C. U.S. Mail
      • 1. For those opting to have their paychecks distributed by the U.S. Mail, the Business Office will use addresses in the Human Resources System that is maintained by the Personnel Office.
  • Section 3: Address Changes
    • A. Employees and students are responsible to insure that addresses in the Human Resource System are current and accurate.
    • B. Changes in addresses must be forwarded to the Personnel Office as soon as possible.
Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted April 1, 1997 Dates Revised September 2, 2008; May 11, 2004
NSHE and NRS Codes
NSHE Code Reference NSHE Board of Regents Handbook
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Date Printed: November 25, 2014