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Policy 7-7-1: Grant Procedures

WNC Policy 7-7-1
Procedure: Grant Procedures
Policy No.: 7-7-1
Department: Controller's Office
Contact: Controller

The WNC Grants Review Committee must review all grant applications prior to submission.

  • Section 1: General Requirements
    • A. It is the responsibility of principal investigator (PI) to schedule a review of the application with the committee at least five working days prior to required grant submission date.
    • B. All grant applications and award contracts must be reviewed and signed by the WNC president or designee, in accordance with WNC Policy 7-1-1: Contracts.
  • Section 2: Award Files
    • A. An award file will be maintained for each grant.
    • B. The grant’s principal investigator is responsible for ensuring that grant award files are maintained in accordance with all requirements set by the granting agency.
    • C. At a minimum, all award files will contain the following:
      • 1. Request for proposal
      • 2. WNC grant committee approval
      • 3. Original grant application
      • 4. Requests for revisions
      • 5. All notices-of-award issued by the granting agency
      • 6. WNC project data sheet
      • 7. All correspondence related to the grant
      • 8. Personnel activity reports
      • 9. Programmatic reports required by the granting agency
      • 10. Inventory of year-end supplies inventor
  • Section 3: Establishing Grant Accounts
    • A. Upon receipt of a notice-of-award, the grant principal investigator will prepare and forward a completed project data sheet and notice-of-award to the business office.
    • B. The business office will set up an account in the appropriate restricted fund.
    • C. In addition to the normal college procedures and practices for personnel and purchasing, any restrictions from the granting source also govern expenditures for a grant or contract.
  • Section 4: Personnel Activity Reports
    • A. The principal investigator of each grant-funded program will ensure that an "A WNC Personnel Activity Report" is completed for all individuals employed from grant funds.
    • B. The forms will be completed at least once each semester and maintained with the principal investigator’s grant files.
  • Section 5: Expenditures
    • A. Prior to initiating any purchases, the grant’s principal investigator will verify that the expense is allowable and meets the objectives of the grant.
  • Section 6: Supplies Inventory
    • A. Within two weeks of the close of each grant, the grant principal investigator will document the value of any remaining supplies and other expendable property purchased with Federal grant funds.
    • B. If the aggregate value exceeds $5000, a plan will be developed to utilize the inventory on other federally funded projects or compensate the Federal government.
    • C. Documentation of the supplies will be maintained with the grant's program files. This documentation will be maintained regardless if the value exceeds $5000.
  • Section 7: Close Out Process
    • A. At the end of each grant, the controller will provide the grant’s principal investigator with a detailed listing of all grant expenses, sorted by sub-object.
      • 1. The grant principal investigator and controller will use this report to complete any expenditure reports required by the grantor.
      • 2. All expenditure reports will be reviewed by the controller's office and submitted by the controller's office.
      • 3. All programmatic reports will be submitted by the department's dean or designee, in accordance with standards set by the grantor.
    • B. To ensure that all grant funds have been requested, the grant close-out process includes the controller preparing a schedule summarizing all receipts and expenses incurred by each grant.
      • 1. All accounts receivable will be invoiced and any excess funds in grants will be returned to the grantor.
    • C. The controller will maintain a master schedule of the indirect costs earned from each grant.
      • 1. Indirect costs posted to the general ledger will be balanced to the master schedule.
      • 2. Final reports sent to the grantor will also be balanced to the master schedule of indirect costs.
  • Section 8: Record Retention
    • A. In accordance with OMB Circular A110, all grant records will be kept until the grant is audited and closed out.
    • B. If a close out audit is not scheduled, all records will be maintained for a minimum of three years after the grant ends.
  • Section 9: Equipment Disposal
    • A. In the case of disposition of equipment purchased with grant funds, the granting agency will be consulted regarding the proper method of disposition.
Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted December 12, 1986 Dates Revised December 4, 2012; September 2, 2008; May 11, 2004; May 9, 1994
NSHE and NRS Codes
NSHE Code Reference NSHE Board of Regents Handbook

OMB Circular A110

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