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Excess Credit Fee

Per regulations set forth by the Nevada System of Higher Education, a 50 percent Excess Credit Fee on the per-credit registration fee shall be charged to a student who has accrued attempted credits equal to 150 percent of the credits required for the student's program of study. Attempted credits include all graded courses on a student's transcript, including but not limited to the grades of F, W (withdrawal), AU (audit) and repeated courses. The fee will be charged after 45 credits have been accumulated towards a certificate of achievement, 90 credits have been accumulated towards an associate degree and after 180 credits for students who have been accepted into the BTCH program for a bachelor's degree. Exceptions may apply on a case-by-case basis. The fee will be charged in all terms after passing the threshold number of credits until a degree is awarded to a student.

Students who obtain an associate degree and plan to strive towards a second associate degree will have 60 credits deducted from the total that applies to the Excess Credit Fee.

Students may appeal the Excess Credit Fee based on the following criteria:

  • Credits attempted at an institution outside of NSHE if those credits do not meet the degree requirements for the program of study;
  • Credits attempted for remedial credits (e.g. MATH 95);
  • Credits earned while enrolled as a high school student if those credits do not meet the degree requirements for the student’s program of study;
  • Credits earned through examinations, such as AP or CLEP;
  • Credits that were earned toward one degree, if the student is working on a second degree
  • Other credits that WNC may determine as inappropriate for the 150% credit calculation.

Students may appeal the Excess Credit Fee by submitting an Excess Credit Appeal form. The form may be submitted after the student has registered for classes for the semester of appeal.

Students who wish to appeal are strongly advised to submit an appeal form no later than August 1 for the fall semester, December 1 for the spring semester, and May 1 for the summer semester. The deadline to submit an appeal is no later than the first 5 working days of the applicable semester.

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