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Montgomery G.I. Bill for Select Reserve: Chapter 1606


Chapter 1606 is an educational program for active members of the Select Reserve. Select Reserve components of the Ready Reserve include the Army Reserve, Naval Reserve, Air Force Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, Coast Guard Reserve, Army National Guard, and Air National Guard. Chapter 1606 eligibility is determined by the Department of Defense or the Department of Transportation (Coast Guard), not by the VA. Basic eligibility requires a six year obligation to serve in the Select Reserve and Satisfactory participation in required Select Reserve Training.

Step One: Applying for Benefits

Normally, veterans who have not used their Chapter 1606 benefits in the past will need to apply to use them. Montgomery G.I. Bill Veterans apply by completing an Application for VA Education Benefits (VA form 22-1990). The Verifying Document for the application is the veteran's Notice of Basic Eligibility or NOBE (DD Form 2384-1). This document provides proof of eligibility and can be obtained from the Education Services Officer at your reserve unit. A copy of your NOBE should be included with your application.

Montgomery G.I. Bill (Select Reserve) Veterans, who have used their benefits at previous schools or who are changing their program of Study at this school will need to request that their benefits be transferred their new program at this school. They can do this by completing a Request for Change in Program and/or Place of training (VA Form 22-1995).

These VA forms are available in the Veterans Services Office or the counseling office on the Fallon Campus. If it is not convenient for you to visit our office or if you will be attending any of WNC's other campuses/centers, you can download these forms directly from the VA at:

Step Two: School Certification of Attendance

To use your VA Educational Benefits you must be enrolled in a school authorized to participate in the VA Education Programs in a program approved by the VA. Western Nevada College is authorized by the VA to certify veterans in almost all of our educational programs. The Veterans Services Office can advise you of any exceptions to the programs approved by the VA.

When the Veterans Services Office certifies a veteran, they are certifying that the veteran is enrolled in an approved program and taking classes which fulfill requirements within their program. Each Student receiving VA educational benefits is required to complete and sign a Veterans Data Form for each term that they are requesting benefits for. This form has the key information necessary to complete the school certification of attendance, and by signing it, the veteran gives WNC permission to release this information to the Veterans Administration or their appointed agent. The Veterans Data Form is available in the Veterans Services Office, the Fallon Counseling Office or you can download from the WNC website: WNC Veterans Forms.

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