Jump Start College Program

Carson High School

Registration for the Fall 2014/Spring 2015 school year has ended. For more information about Jump Start, including how you can enroll next year, please contact your high school counselor.

Jump Start College Schedule

Classes are held on the WNC Carson City Campus

Fall 2014 Semester (Aug. 25 - Dec. 13):
English 101 (Room CED 314): Tues, Thurs 11:15a - 12:30p
Math 126 (Room CED 316): Mon, Wed 9:45a - 11:00a
Anthropology 101 (Room CED 317):
Mon, Wed 11:15a - 12:30p
Supplemental Instruction (CED 313): Tues, Thurs 9:45a - 11:00a

Spring 2015 Semester Classes (Tentative):
English 102
Math 127
Biology 100

Costs and Payments:

The Carson City County District will pay $180.00 of the tuition and fees for each class. Parents are responsible for $90.00 per class or $285.00 total. Those in need of assistance may also apply for a grant from WNC to cover 50% of their portion of the tuition and fees ($143.00). Payment of the balance is due to Carson High School by August 8 to ensure enrollment.

Fall 2014 Textbook Requirements:

**NOTE: Carson City School District will pay for textbooks.

English 101 - #1 of 1 texts
Title: Patterns for College Writing: A Rhetorical Reader and Guide
Author: Kirszner, Mandell
Edition: 12th
Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's
ISBN: 9780312676841

Math 126 - #1 of 1 texts
Title: Precalculus
Author: Sisson
Edition: 2nd
Publisher: Hawkes Learning
ISBN 9781938891311 + access code
*** Also required: TI-83 or TI-84 calculator

Anthropology 101 - #1 of 1 texts
Title: instructor-created
Author: instructor-created
Edition: N/A
Publisher: McGraw/Hill
ISBN 1308185928 (print) OR 1308185936 (ebook)

Important Contacts
Name Itzel Salazar-Garcia
Title Teacher Assistant
Phone 775-684-9647

Name Deb Case, Director of Counseling Services
Title Teacher Assistant Supervisor
Phone 775-445-3270

Name Lupe Ramirez, Assistant to the Dean
Title Asistencia en Espanol
Phone 775-445-3344

Name John Kinkella, Dean of Student Services
Title Jump Start College Coordinator
Phone 775-445-3271

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