Jump Start College Program

Dayton High School

Below are all the files associated with Dayton High School's Jump Start Program.

Jump Start College Schedule

Classes are held on the WNC Carson City Campus

Spring 2015 Semester (Jan 20 - May 16):
English 102: Mon, Wed 10:30a - 11:45a
Math 127: Tues, Thurs 10:30a - 11:45a
History 102: Mon, Wed 9a - 10:15a
Psychology 101: Tues, Thurs 9a - 10:15a

Costs and Payments

The Lyon County School District will pay 50% of tuition and fees ($547.50), parents are responsible for 50% ($547.50). The district will pay 100% of the tuition and fees for those qualified for free and reduced lunch programs. Those not qualified but in need of assistance may also apply for a grant from WNC to cover $274.00 of their portion of the tuition and fees. Payments of the balance are due to Dayton High School by January 16.

Spring 2015 Textbook Requirements:

**NOTE: Parents are responsible for textbooks. Students may apply for a grant through WNC to cover up to $200 for the cost of books.

English 102 - #1 of 1 texts
Title: Making Literature Matter: An Anthology for Readers and Writers
Author: Schilb & Clifford
Edition: 5th
Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's
ISBN: 9780312653545

Math 127 - #1 of 1 texts
Title: Precalculus
Author: Larson
Edition: 9th
Publisher: Cengage
ISBN 9781133949015
*** Also required: TI-83 or TI-84 calculator

History 102 - #1 of 2 texts
Title: Digital History
Author: N/A
Edition: N/A
Publisher: N/A
ISBN http://www.digitalhistory.uh.edu

History 102 - #2 of 2 texts
Title: Railwayman's Son: A Plains Family Memoir
Author: Hawkins
Edition: 1st
Publisher: Texas Tech University Press
ISBN 978089672557

Psychology 101 - #1 of 1 texts
Title: Psychology in Modules with Updates on DSM-5
Author: Myers
Edition: 10th
Publisher: Worth
ISBN 9781464164767

Important Contacts
Name Amy Barlow
Title Teacher Assistant
Phone 775-684-9649

Name Deb Case, Director of Counseling Services
Title Teacher Assistant Supervisor
Phone 775-445-3270

Name Lupe Ramirez, Assistant to the Dean
Title Asistencia en Espanol
Phone 775-445-3344

Name John Kinkella, Dean of Student Services
Title Jump Start College Coordinator
Phone 775-445-3271

Information: 775-445-3000
General Questions: info_desk@wnc.edu