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I. Catalog Course Description

Prerequisites: AIT 253
Covers content specifically outlined by the Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certification Program (SMSCP) exam objectives and is part of a six-course series to prepare students for the SMSCP Level 2 industry credential exam. Focuses on the study of the mechanical components that are included in a complex mechatronic system. Includes overview of statics and kinetics, which include; force system analysis, study of equilibrium, frames and machines, friction and effects of forces on the motion of objects among other basic topics. Covers machine elements, fundamentals of a variety of components expanding the material into calculations involving force, stress and wear analysis and investigation of the appropriate component required in given a system. Included are the deployment of these techniques for supporting mechatronic systems and to ensure its proper function, correct possible defects that may interrupt the process, and to plan preventive maintenance operations on them while observing and incorporating safety standards.

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Fall 2019

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