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General Information

I. Catalog Course Description

Prerequisites: AM148

Emphasizes conversational fluency in American Sign Language. Identification of discourse styles in ASL, which will lead to the ability to initial, maintain and conclude conversational interactions with various deaf language styles and/or preference.

II: Course Objectives

  • Upon completion of ASL 5, student will incorporate the following skills into their conversational and conventional signing skills: role shifting, maintaining spatial agreement, properly sequence classifiers, appropriate reactions and appropriate elaborations with stories that include descriptions, sharing thoughts and reasoning.
  • In regards to translation skills students will be able to, by the end of the course, develop good interpretations of written texts, demonstrate of relationships between characters and clearly present facts by explaining rephrasing, demonstrating or drawing conclusions.
  • Upon the conclusion of this course students will also be able to give clear instructions or explanations using classifiers, conditional sentences, rhetorical questions and relative clauses.
  • Finally, upon completion of the class, students will demonstrate a developed set of essential skills for telling a story successfully. Through sequencing, appropriate use of classifiers, timely reactions and suitable role shifting, the students will possess the skills necessary to successfully tell or re-tell a story.
  • Understanding the importance of cultural traditions, diversity and ethics in the modern world.
  • Acquiring effective and efficient learning skills, including the location and evaluation of information.

III: Course Linkage


  • Students will leave the course with fluency in American Sign Language which will enhance their ability to communicate with members of general society that are Deaf and/or users of American Sign Language.


  • During the course of AM 149, students will enhance their ability to analyze both English and American Sign Language from a linguistic, as well as cultural perspective.

Personal Development

  • Throughout the course students will be demonstrating applied knowledge, personal skills development in both languages and apply current research to their daily professional and personal interactions.

Community Commitment

  • Students in this course will be asked to participate in many cultural and community events, thus demonstrating their enhanced knowledge of the Deaf Community and its corresponding language, American Sign Language.

Scheduled AM-149 classes:

Fall 2019