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2017-2018 Catalog Year
ANTH-110L: Physical Anthropology Lab

General Information

  • Name: Physical Anthropology Lab
  • Discipline: Anthropology
  • Units (Credits): 1
  • Transfer Information: (Courses with an 'L' Designator after the number) This is a laboratory course is designed to apply toward a WNC degree and/or transfer to other schools within the Nevada System of Higher Education, depending on the degree chosen and other courses completed. It may transfer to colleges and universities outside Nevada. For information about how this course can transfer and apply to your program of study, please contact a counselor.
  • Academic Division: Liberal Arts
  • Corequisites: ANTH 102

Course Outline

I: Catalog Course Description

Provides practical experience in aspects of physical anthropology: the mechanisms of inheritance, osteology and forensic science, comparative anatomy and human evolution, and aspects of modern human variability.

II: Course Objectives

The student will understand:

  • The principles and theories of human evolution and the origins of the human species
  • Physical attributes of humans and what sets us apart from other species
  • Ideas of human variation and adaptation
  • The value and importance of human diversity.

III: Course Linkage

This course is designed to meet the following Student Learning Objectives of the General Education Requirement by ensuring that successful students will be able to demonstrate that they:

  • Have college-level skills in reading, writing, and oral communication to a level appropriate for their degree and/or emphasis.
  • Possess adequate problem solving, creative reasoning, and critical thinking skills.
  • Are able to utilize effective and efficient learning skills, including locating and evaluating sources of information.
  • Can apply appropriate technological skills, including computer skills.
  • Understand the methods of science and the role of science in the modern world.
  • Appreciate the importance of cultural traditions, and diversity in the modern world.

Scheduled ANTH-110L classes:

Fall 2017