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Art courses include art history and visual arts, such as photography and painting.

Art is a discipline in the Liberal Arts division.

Current ART course offerings:

ART-100 Visual Foundations
ART-101 Drawing I
ART-102 Drawing II
ART-105 Color Theory
ART-108 Design Fundamentals II (3-D)
ART-111 Beginning Ceramics
ART-115 Beginning Clay Sculpture
ART-124 Beginning Printmaking
ART-127 Watercolor I
ART-131 Introduction to Painting
ART-135 Photography I
ART-141 Introduction to Digital Photography I
ART-160 Art Appreciation
ART-201 Life Drawing I
ART-208 Fiber Arts
ART-209 Introduction to Gallery Practices
ART-211 Ceramics I
ART-212 Ceramics II
ART-216 Sculpture I
ART-217 Sculpture II
ART-218 Alternative Sculpture
ART-221 Beginning Printmaking: Intaglio
ART-222 Beginning Printmaking: Lithography
ART-223 Beginning Printmaking: Serigraphy
ART-224 Beginning Printmaking: Relief
ART-225 Intermediate Printmaking
ART-227 Watercolor II
ART-231 Painting I
ART-232 Painting II
ART-235 Photography II
ART-237 Photography II Color
ART-245 Digital Media I
ART-260 Survey Art History I
ART-261 Survey of Art History II
ART-296 Independent Study
ART-297 Field Study
ART-298 Portfolio Emphasis
ART-299 Special Topics in Studio Art