Liberal Arts > Astronomy

General Information

I. Catalog Course Description

Prerequisites: MATH120,MATH126 or higher or consent of instructor

Offers a descriptive introduction to current concepts of the solar system, modern observational techniques, and their results. Utilizes telescopes and observatory facilities. Includes four laboratory experiences.

II. Course Objectives and Linkage to General Education Program

The information in the parentheses after a course objective refers to the specific general education (GE) learning outcome that the objective meets. Objectives without this information are not linked to WNC’s general education program.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will have demonstrated they can:

  1. Demonstrate working knowledge of key concepts and principles that characterize the physical properties and features of planets, moons, and the sun. (GE 1)
  2. Present accurate calculations related to fundamental astronomical problems. (GE 3)
  3. Locate, evaluate, and appropriately use information from multiple resources to complete activities related to the historical evolution of the science of astronomy. (GE 4)
  4. Recognize extrasolar planetary bodies and extend comparative planetology to planets well beyond our solar system.
  5. Identify some seasonal constellations and learn to use a telescope.

Scheduled AST-109 classes:

Fall 2019