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Automotive Mechanics

The Automotive Mechanics program offers students an opportunity to acquire the necessary skills and technical theory for a successful career as an automotive mechanic. Individuals who are now employed in the automotive mechanics field will be able to upgrade their knowledge. Students obtaining the 60-credit associate degree will have completed courses of a very technical nature, chosen to complement each other and provide breadth and depth of diagnostic and repair skill abilities necessary to work in a service facility.

Automotive Mechanics is a discipline in the Career and Technical Education division.

Current AUTO course offerings:

AUTO-101 Introduction to General Mechanics
AUTO-111 Automotive Electricity
AUTO-112 Automotive Electricity II
AUTO-115 Auto Electricity & Electronics I
AUTO-117 Advanced Auto Electronics
AUTO-130 Engine Reconditioning
AUTO-140 Automotive Brake Systems
AUTO-141 Automotive Brake Systems Practice
AUTO-145 Automotive Brakes
AUTO-150 Steering & Suspension Systems
AUTO-151 Steering Suspension System Practice
AUTO-155 Steering & Suspension
AUTO-160 Auto Air Conditioning & Heating
AUTO-190 Beginning Automotive Upholstery
AUTO-195 Advanced Automotive Upholstery
AUTO-196 Automotive Projects
AUTO-198 Special Topics in Automotive Mechanics
AUTO-200 Standard Transmissions
AUTO-205 Manual Drive Trains and Axles
AUTO-210 Automatic Transmission & Transaxles I
AUTO-211 Automatic Transmission & Transaxles II
AUTO-220 Automotive Engine Performance I
AUTO-221 Automotive Engine Performance II
AUTO-222 Automotive Computer Systems
AUTO-225 Engine Performance I/Fuel & Ignition
AUTO-227 Engine Performance II/Emission Control
AUTO-229 Advanced Automotive Electricity
AUTO-230 Advanced Engine Performance
AUTO-235 Engine Performance III/Diagnostics
AUTO-293 Work Experience I
AUTO-294 Independent Study II