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General Information

I. Catalog Course Description

Prerequisites: CHEM121 & MATH126 & MATH127, MATH128
Provides fundamentals of chemistry including solutions, kinetics, equilibria, thermodynamics, electrochemisty, nuclear chemistry and properties of inorganic and organic compounds. Three hours lecture/three hours laboratory.

II. Course Objectives and Linkage to General Education Program

The information in the parentheses after a course objective refers to the specific general education (GE) learning outcome that the objective meets. Objectives without this information are not linked to WNC’s general education program.

Upon successful completion of CHEM 122, General Chemistry II, (defined as a 75% course score or better) learners will be able to:

  • Describe, identify and apply balanced college freshman level reduction-oxidation reactions to electrochemical applications (GE #1);
  • Illustrate and explain the role solubility and acid-base balance plays in solution chemistry (GE #1);
  • Illustrate and explain the role thermodynamics and kinetics play in determining reaction direction (GE #1);
  • Illustrate and explain introductory organic and biological chemistry reactions of a fundamental nature (GE #1);
  • Draw conclusions with basic calculations of and from general chemistry and qualitative analysis laboratory experiences to develop problem solving in a systematic manner (GE #1, #4).

III. Topics

All students will have a basic (second semester of a two semester laboratory-based course) knowledge of the Principles of Solutions, Solubility, Colligative properties, Kinetics, Chemical equilibrium, Applications of aqueous equilibria including acid-base equilibria and solubility product; Basic thermodynamics, electrochemistry, and nuclear chemistry; Properties of inorganic and organic compounds; Qualitative analysis; Applications to biologically important molecules; and Have practiced the laboratory methods needed to observe and measure the above.

Scheduled CHEM-122 classes:

Fall 2019

There are currently no CHEM-122 classes scheduled for this term.