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Computer Information Technology

WNC’s Computer Technology programs are designed to offer students access to the rapidly changing and growing opportunities in the computer and information technology career field.

The college offers five Associate of Applied Science degrees, including: Computer Networking Technology, Convergence Technology, Health Information Technology, Office Technology, and Web Technology. The college offers seven Certificates of Achievement, including: Cisco Systems, Computer Programming, Medical Coding, Medical Transcription, Medical Unit Clerk, Microcomputer/Network Technician, and Network Administration.

Students also have the opportunity to achieve industry certification through nationally available testing programs.

Computer Information Technology is a discipline in the Career and Technical Education division.

Current CIT course offerings:

CIT-110 A+ Hardware
CIT-111 A+ Software
CIT-112 Network +
CIT-114 IT Essentials
CIT-128 Introduction to Software Development
CIT-129 Introduction to Programming
CIT-130 Beginning Java
CIT-132 Beginning Visual Basic
CIT-133 Beginning C++
CIT-150 Introduction to Internet
CIT-151 Beginning Web Development
CIT-152 Web Script Language Programming
CIT-157 Graphics For the Web
CIT-161 Essentials of Information Security
CIT-165 Introduction to Convergence
CIT-171 Introduction to the Unix Operating System
CIT-173 Linux Installation and Configuration
CIT-174 Linux System Administration
CIT-180 Database Concepts and SQL
CIT-198 Special Topics in Computer Information
CIT-201 Word Certification Preparation
CIT-211 Microsoft Networking I
CIT-212 Microsoft Networking II
CIT-213 Microsoft Networking III
CIT-214 Microsoft Networking IV
CIT-215 Microsoft Networking V
CIT-220 E-commerce on the Web
CIT-230 Advanced Java
CIT-232 Advanced Visual Basic
CIT-233 Advanced C++
CIT-238 Introduction to Smartphone Application Development
CIT-244 Designing CISCO Networks
CIT-251 Advanced Web Development
CIT-252 Web Database Development
CIT-253 Advanced Web Database Development
CIT-255 Web Server Administration I
CIT-256 Web Server Administration II
CIT-260 Systems Analysis and Design I
CIT-263 Introduction to IT Project Management
CIT-264 Operating System Security
CIT-265 Infrastructure Security
CIT-266 Operational/Organizational Security
CIT-267 Communication Security
CIT-268 Cryptography
CIT-269 Advanced Convergence
CIT-290 Internship in Computer Information Technology
CIT-295 Specialty Related Capstone Project
CIT-299 Independent Study in Computer Information Technology