Liberal Arts > Communication

General Information

I. Catalog Course Description

Introduction to the principles and practices of public speaking.

II: Course Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Develop the critical thinking about oral communication, both in interpersonal and group settings.
  • Review the major theories of oral communication.
  • Assess modern oral communication electronic media.
  • Appreciate intercultural forms of communication and presentations.
  • Assess speaking situations and audiences.
  • Learn how to create, rehearse, and research presentations.
  • Gain experience in delivering basic presentations.

III: Course Linkage

Educational Program Mission Linkage:

Oral Communications can be used for all degrees and certificates at WNC. It is most strongly linked to the missions for general education and the two primary transfer degrees: AA and AS. This course also helps prepare students to transfer successfully to baccalaureate degree programs.

General Education Program Outcomes:

This course fulfills Western Nevada College’s Student Learning Outcomes of ensuring that successful students:

  • Possess adequate problem solving, creative reasoning, and critical thinking skills.
  • Can utilize effective and efficient learning skills, including locating and evaluating sources of information.
  • Have college level reading, writing, and oral communication skills.
  • Are able to demonstrate knowledge of the subject matter to a level that is appropriate to the emphasis of their degree.
  • Understand the theoretical principles behind creating and maintaining a professional level Web site.
  • Use current software to create, publish, and maintain a professional level Web site.
  • Apply techniques appropriate to their specialty in the operation of a Web site.

Scheduled COM-101 classes:

Fall 2019