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2017-2018 Catalog Year
CONS-108: Construction Materials and Methods

General Information

  • Name: Construction Materials and Methods
  • Discipline: Construction
  • Units (Credits): 4
  • Transfer Information: (Courses with numbers 100 to 299) This course is designed to apply toward a WNC degree and/or transfer to other schools within the Nevada System of Higher Education, depending on the degree chosen and other courses completed. It may transfer to colleges and universities outside Nevada. For information about how this course can transfer and apply to your program of study, please contact a counselor.
  • Academic Division: Career and Technical Education
  • Prerequisites: MATH 110 or higher

Course Outline

I: Catalog Course Description

Studies the various types of buildings and structures utilized in industrial, commercial and residential construction. Examines peculiarities and potential problem areas for each type of construction. Construction sequencing, inspection sequencing and required testing will be outlined as well as observable "red flags" that can be indicative of potential problems.

Note: Non-transferable for an NSHE baccalaureate degree. Non-applicable towards an AA, AB or AS Degree.

II: Course Objectives

Introduce the fundamental principles and practices common to the industry for materials familiarization and construction methods.

Provide exposure to common software and calculators.

Prepare the student for estimating and other construction courses.

III: Course Linkage

This course is a required in the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Construction Technology, Construction Project Management, and may be used to fulfill the requirement in a partnership program for a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Construction Management.

The mission of the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Construction Technology, Construction Project Management is to provide management training that addresses topics of critical importance to subcontractors, general contractors, superintendents and project managers.

This course fulfills Western Nevada College's Student Learning Objectives of ensuring that successful students:

  • Have knowledge of the subject matter to a level that is appropriate to the construction industry.
  • Possess the skills necessary to perform essential tasks within the construction industry.
  • Can effectively use the communication and computational skills necessary for the construction industry.
  • Are able to utilize all available resources in order to remain current in the construction industry.
  • Develop an appreciation of the importance of social, ethical, legal and diversity issues.

Scheduled CONS-108 classes:

Fall 2017