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General Information

  • Name: Above-Floor Inspections for Certified Inspector
  • Division: Career & Technical Education
  • Discipline: Construction
  • Units (Credits): 2.00
  • Course Attributes:
    • May not transfer towards an NSHE bachelor's degree
    • Non-applicable toward AA, AB or AS Degrees

I. Catalog Course Description

Prerequisites: CONS260
Provides instruction on all of the above-floor components typical of residential construction. Seismic and structural hardware will be discussed as will load-bearing, load-transferring and non-load-bearing assemblies. Extensive mechanical and electrical systems analyses will be conducted. Students will prepare extensive narrative inspection reports for evaluation, and sign "hold harmless" waivers when conducting inspections off state property. Students are strongly encouraged to have medical insurance that provides coverage in the event of a job-site injury.

II: Course Objectives

Understanding and identification of various residential above-floor structural, electrical and mechanical components.

Ability to write narrative reports of professional quality.

III: Course Linkage

The mission of this course is to fulfill the approved continuing education (IOS) requirements needed for licensure as a Certified Inspector of Structures – Residential as mandated by the State of Nevada/Business & Industry – Real Estate Division.

Scheduled CONS-262 classes:

Fall 2019

There are currently no CONS-262 classes scheduled for this term.