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The Construction Technology program prepares students for careers within the various construction industry disciplines. As construction technology students will possess a diversity of work experiences, skills and interests, the program accommodates a variety of study areas and competency levels to address student and industry needs.

The college offers both an associate degree and a new bachelor’s degree in the field.

The program offers instruction in several academic areas which are critical to preparing skilled employees.

Construction is a discipline in the Career and Technical Education division.

Current CONS course offerings:

CONS-108 Construction Materials and Methods
CONS-109 Construction Materials and Methods II
CONS-111 Commercial Building Codes
CONS-118 Construction Contract Documents
CONS-120 Blueprint Reading and Specification
CONS-121 Principles of Construction Estimating
CONS-201 Regulatory Agencies
CONS-205 Construction Site Safety
CONS-222 Computer Applications
CONS-230 Electrical Distribution System
CONS-260 Certified Inspectors of Structures-Residential
CONS-261 Under-Floor Inspections-Certified Inspector
CONS-262 Above-Floor Inspections for Certified Inspector
CONS-263 Supervised Residential Inspections for Certification
CONS-280 Project Supervision
CONS-281 Construction Planning Scheduling And Control
CONS-282 Construction Law
CONS-286 Construction Management and Analysis
CONS-290 Internship in Construction
CONS-295 Work Experience I
CONS-451 Advanced Internship in Construction