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Computer Office Technology

Computer office technology students learn a wide variety of computer application skills needed to work in administrative support positions.

Computer Office Technology is a discipline in the Career and Technical Education division.

Current COT course offerings:

COT-100 Basic Keyboarding
COT-101 Computer Keyboarding I
COT-102 Computer Keyboarding II
COT-103 Keyboarding Review & Speed
COT-105 Computer Literacy
COT-110 Business Machines
COT-111 Transcribing Machines
COT-112 Computer Survival
COT-114 General Medical Office Billing
COT-115 Computerized Medical Office Billing
COT-116 Medical Office Filing
COT-117 General Office Filing
COT-122 Medical Typing & Transcription
COT-123 Legal Typing & Transcription
COT-140 Adobe Acrobat
COT-141 Proof-a-matics/Proofreading
COT-151 Introduction to Microsoft Word
COT-198 Special Topics
COT-200 Beginning Word Processing
COT-204 Using Windows
COT-216 Intermediate Word Processing
COT-222 Desktop Publishing With Word Processing
COT-223 Advanced Desktop Publishing
COT-239 Advanced Legal Transcription
COT-262 Intermediate Spreadsheets Concepts
COT-266 Intermediate Database Concepts
COT-299 Independent Study in Computer & Office Technology