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General Information

I. Catalog Course Description

Prerequisites: CRJ101,LAW101

Examines substantive criminal law with particular attention to crime, intent, attempts, search and seizure, and the laws of arrest. Relates criminal law to the working police officer. Covers rights and duties of citizen and officer under criminal law.

II: Course Objectives

  • Describe criminal in general
  • Assess the purposes, scope, and sources of criminal law
  • Define the essential elements of a crime
  • Discuss criminal liability
  • Appraise criminal responsibility and the capacity to commit a crime
  • Identify defenses that seek to justify the use of force
  • Evaluate basic criminal defenses
  • Analyze criminal punishment
  • Assess criminal jurisdiction
  • Discuss the limits of free speech
  • Define maintaining public order in public and private placed
  • Define homicide
  • Define rape
  • Define burglary
  • Define theft
  • Define assault and battery
  • Discuss prostitution-related offenses and AIDS
  • Define gangs, organized crime, and terrorism
  • Analyze drug abuse and alcohol-related crimes

III: Course Linkage

The General Education Mission is to provide students with a core foundation of critical life skills with which to improve their lives. This course addresses the following Student Learning Objectives of the General Education Mission by ensuring that successful students:

  • Are able to demonstrate college level reading, writing, and oral communication skills.
  • Possess adequate problem solving, creative reasoning, and critical thinking skills.
  • Can engage in meaningful self assessments and work effectively with others.
  • Utilize effective and efficient learning skills, including locating and evaluating sources of information.
  • Have knowledge of the subject matter to a level that is appropriate to the emphasis of their degree.
  • Develop and improve their creative abilities.
  • Appreciate the value and importance of diversity, ethics, and public service.

Scheduled CRJ-230 classes:

Fall 2019

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